Produces publication-ready tables with relevant statistics of interest for functions produced from the concurve package.

curve_table(data, levels, type = "c", format = "data.frame")



Dataframe from a concurve function to produce a table for


Levels of the consonance intervals or likelihood intervals that should be included in the table.


Indicates whether the table is for a consonance function or likelihood function. The default is set to "c" for consonance and can be switched to "l" for likelihood.


The format of the tables. The options include "data.frame" which is the default, "docx" (which creates a table for a word document), "pptx" (which creates a table for powerpoint), "latex", (which creates a table for a TeX document), and "image", which produces an image of the table.

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if (FALSE) { library(concurve) GroupA <- rnorm(500) GroupB <- rnorm(500) RandomData <- data.frame(GroupA, GroupB) intervalsdf <- curve_mean(GroupA, GroupB, data = RandomData, method = "default") (z <- curve_table(intervalsdf[[1]], format = "data.frame")) (z <- curve_table(intervalsdf[[1]], format = "latex")) (z <- curve_table(intervalsdf[[1]], format = "image")) }